The reason I have such passion to help new mom’s through their journey is because I remember the days of becoming a mom. The incredible journey of becoming a parent, transitioning from pregnancy through birth into motherhood is the most amazing and challenging thing you will ever do! Until you experience it, it is hard to believe the roller coaster of emotions, dreams, worries, and learning curves of caring for another human being! It is the journey of the unknown, body transformation as you grow the baby from an embryo to a fully functioning tiny human! Fantasizing what that child will look like, you visualize days to come surrounded by your family and loving the baby in a perfect setting, as they grow you see yourself and family playing at the park, running, laughing, smiling, sunshine! Well not all post partum is sunshine and rainbows… I don’t want to rain on anyone’s happy thoughts but there is a reason to get prepared now!

During labor you are completely engulfed in the practice of breathing through the contractions to talk yourself into sanity and out of the intense pain, between you catch up and then another hits, everyone labor is different – either once fully dilated you push and push and try to listen to the Dr’s words of stop pushing for a second… then pushhhhhh and baby is out! Up on your chest crying and starting your journey of breastfeeding or you are having a cesarean so you’re in the OR and see the baby mostly in the recovery room and if all is stable, breastfeeding starts there. After that moment you are a mother! WOW the most important role you will every play in life!

Depending where you deliver your baby, you may stay in the same room or you go to another unit – post partum. Here you will realize that you are now a mother and also your partner is a parent too, you are trying to take this in as well as the million things a new baby needs while trying to acclimate to a very bright and loud new world! But what baby needs most is you! It is very tough as you are exhausted, sore from head to toe, trying to learn to breastfeed, pee again, walk again, but there is a constant cycle of feeding, changing diapers, learning, repeat. Knowing this, it is the most important thing to be prepared with all of the physical things to have super convenient for you to just walk in your door at home and immediately know where it all is when you need it!

This is what you will really need and want at that time and for the next 2 months of getting to know your baby and your new world as a parent!