Hi, I’m Janet!

I’m an Interior designer, mother of 2, and I specialize in helping new parents-to-be create beautiful and functional spaces to bring baby home to.  From the functional standpoint I have a background in nursing and lactation so I understand the needs of new moms and babies. 

My Mission

To guide moms through the exploration of essentials, prioritizing what’s necessary while harmonizing with your style and dreams. In a well-designed space, anyone can thrive. Remember, ergonomics means a happy body, and a happy body means a happy mom and baby.

Reasons To Work With Me

Expertise in New Parent Spaces

I specialize in creating beautiful and functional spaces for new parents, ensuring a welcoming environment for your baby.

Nursing and Lactation Background

My background in nursing and lactation provides a deep understanding of the unique needs of new moms and babies, ensuring a space that is both practical and comforting.

Personalized Design

I tailor each space to your specific needs and preferences.

Mother of Two

I understand the challenges and joys of parenthood, offering insights and solutions that are both practical and empathetic.

Functional and Aesthetic

I combine functionality with aesthetics, creating spaces that are not only practical for daily life but also beautiful and inspiring.

Community Support

I provide community support through weekly coaching calls and a private group, offering a network of like-minded individuals for advice and encouragement.

DIY Enhancements

I guide you through DIY enhancements, empowering you to make your own adjustments and improvements to your space.

Budget-Friendly Solutions

I offer budget-friendly solutions, ensuring you can create the perfect space for your baby without breaking the bank.

Space Planning

I specialize in space planning, helping you maximize the use of your space and create a layout that flows seamlessly.

Exclusive Coaching and Group Support

With exclusive coaching and access to a private group, you’ll receive personalized guidance and support every step of the way.

Get In Touch

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