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Welcome to my world where design meets motherhood magic! 

As an interior designer, devoted mother of two, I specialize in helping new parents-to-be create beautiful and functional spaces to bring baby home to!  

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I bring a unique blend of experience, design, creativity and practicality to help you.

Driven by personal experience, my passion stems from the challenges of feeling unprepared for the essential needs of motherhood.  I’ve walked in your shoes, navigating the journey of pregnancy, with its twists and turns and the constant thoughts and research of what do I need?   How do I create a place with everything I need, when and where I need it? 


Do it yourself

Do It Yourself (DIY)

Decide and plan your perfect space including the super important tool of space planning for function, storage, organization to make your space efficient and flowing! 


The Not So Lonely Club

DIY + Weekly Coaching Calls, Private Group to help with getting it done!

The Dream Team

DIY + The Not So Lonely Club + Two Additional Private Coaching Sessions over Zoom.

Designing Spaces That Works!

Let’s transform your space into an amazing mom & baby safe haven where functionality and flow meets beauty, ergonomics, organization creating the perfect environment for you and your little one to thrive. 

Organizing & Re-design

Idea & Processing

Material Selection

I was seeking a comprehensive approach to creating the perfect space for both myself and my baby.
Janet’s program was exactly what I needed to navigate the complexities of designing a space that is not only functional but also deeply comforting and stress-reducing.

From the very beginning, Janet’s program was designed with the utmost consideration for the unique needs of expectant mothers.
She provided me with a wealth of knowledge and practical tips that were invaluable in understanding the importance of comfort and ease in my home environment.
Janet’s expertise in design and her ability to translate this into a program tailored for expectant mothers was truly remarkable.

One of the most significant aspects of Janet’s program was its focus on reducing physical stress.
She emphasized the importance of creating a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also conducive to relaxation and well-being.
Through her guidance, I learned how to incorporate elements into my home that would help me feel more at ease and less stressed,
which is crucial for both my mental and physical health.

I was able to create a space that is not only beautiful but also perfectly suited to my needs as a mother. Janet’s guidance was invaluable in making this possible.


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